About Us

Company History and Goals

Whiteknight is an ever-expanding telecoms/renewable energy company formed in 2013.

Whitekinght, through its experienced dynamic and highly motivated team, is uniquely placed to deliver high quality and cost-effective solutions within telecoms and renewables industries. We constantly concentrate on being innovative, continually gaining experience in the latest technologies that allows us to offer world leading services and products to our valued customers.

Whiteknight Group “Attention to Detail”.

Our Mission

At home we are focused on delivering quality telecommunications and civils projects throughout Ireland. We pride ourselves on our customer service and continue to maintain high quality and health & safety standards on all projects.

Our Vision

To provide “Attention to detail” for every client, to provide counsel and support to every client, helping to build trust and confidence that Whiteknight is the number one Telecoms, civils and renewable energy solutions company in the market place.

Expanding Goals

With the current state of dynamic changes in our market places we constantly concentrate on retraining and further educating our crews. We are constantly looking for new partners and are gaining experience in the latest technologies that will allow us to offer world leading services and products. Over the last few years Whiteknight has focused on expanding our service offering, we will continue focusing on growth in all areas while looking to diversify into new markets.